VC and Startup

Venture Capital: The now-accessible asset class you can use to diversify your investment portfolio.

What if there was a way to put the newest, most exciting companies in front of individual investors with all the preliminary work in place …legal, reporting, sitting on the board, leading rounds, managing the investment…

Well, that’s what we do.

WE ARE giving investors access to invest in startups from around the world alongside us and top tier VCs.

Accessible, VC-level startup investing from A-Z: SEELKI gives individual investors access to great companies, while doing the legal work and due diligence, and managing the investment the way that venture capitalists do.

Due diligence and negotiations: Key areas of analysis include the business plan, financial projections, value proposition, competitive landscape, HR diligence, industry trends/forecasts, and barriers to entry.

Ability to zero in on winning portfolios: The advantage to having a close view through the board allows us to both assist in the growth, and see from up close which company has what it takes to become a ‘breakout company’.

SEELKI Investments Corporation