Who We Are


SEELKI Investments Corporation is a Boutique agency using years of experience to aid investors in navigating today’s markets. 

SEELKI was formed as a solution for individuals and institutions who want to build wealth while eliminating unnecessary fees along with earning income and preserving capital.

SEELKI strives to deliver superior returns to our investors. 
Our funds consist of primarily long-term investors, seeking to preserve and grow capital over time along with maximizing alpha. We believe that for the long-term investor, equity securities are the investment of choice, but we recognize that bonds and money market funds may be a good alternative and that’s why we tailor make every clients portfolio each step of the way.

We pride ourselves on both delivering superior performance to our investors while maintaining accountability, transparency, ingenuity, experience, persistence and loyalty to our clients.

Seeking trust, guarding assets, and respecting privacy are the three keys to SEELKI’s success.

We endeavor to not only offer the best investments but to match those investments with superior customer service.