Oil Painting assist merely means a surface the place you possibly can simply apply an oil paint. You will discover a number of various surfaces which you need to use to paint. Anything from certain canvas, woods, and metals could be the help for oil painting. There are totally different types of assist which will enable you to to determine the type of the painting.


Linen has often created from the fibres of flax plant. These fibres are then developed in the yarns or the threads which are made into the canvas. The fibres are big in shape and really robust as they’re made for an especially nice hard wearing support. This type of painting has endured the test of the time and for this type of reason why linen canvas is favorred among the painters.


For the inexperienced persons in oil painting cotton canvas is most admired. It is a sturdy material and quite reasonable than linen and had a perfect weave. Should you really feel that the cotton is very sturdy than purchase a prodiscovered graded cotton. It is available within the rolls or pre-stretched.

Canvas pads

There are some who are very tight with their price range and still require a very good quality surface for the painting. In this case canvas pads are the most effective choice. They’re available in variety of sizes and are ideal for starters in oil painting. They’re best for working towards while you’re doing all of your studies. Just be very positive that you just buy a heavy weighted canvas pad which will hold the paint.

Wood Panels

The first oil paintings were always shaped on panels of wood made up of oak. The wood was merely covered up with a ground created with an animal skin paste and the chalk. This ground is then as the smooth surface preferrred for oil painted.

The choice of the help depends on the style of painting you choose.

What if I teach you learn how to get started with drawing and painting with great ease following easy steps?

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