How to check spy app in mobile, how to check whatsapp


How to check spy app in mobile


How to check spy app in mobile





























How to check spy app in mobile

Its very simple, just to to the google play store and search your favourite mobile tracker app and check the versions and update status and install. Same procedure for iPhone users with Apple store.


• No ads!

• Save you battery power by only loading tracker on start, how to check whatsapp spy.

• Auto backup the tracker into Google account if available.

• Sync your data with a cloud server to reduce network traffic.

Permissions Notice:

• Full Internet access requires to sync data with a Google account, how to check spy app in mobile.

• Read and write external storage (Micro SD cards)

More features coming soon!!!

How to check whatsapp

You need to use the WhatsApp Spy feature to spy on all the WhatsApp activities on the phone. You can read all the messages and check all the mediastreams. WhatsApp is also capable of downloading SMSs and pictures as well, how to check text messages from another phone for free. By following below simple steps, you will be able to spy on people of your choice in a snap.

Download WhatsApp Spy

Follow this Step-by-Step Guide

1, how to check someones facebook messages. Once the downloaded app has been downloaded, you need to install, unblock and run it.

Note: Download it from this link – WhatsApp Spy

2, how to check whatsapp spy. Open WhatsApp Spy.

If you wish, you may add your Gmail account for the following two reasons, how to check whatsapp.

Adding your email to WhatsApp Spy will allow you to monitor people from your Gmail account on WhatsApp, how to check recent websites visited chrome. But it will not allow you to spy on them on any other web or mobile platform, how to check someone’s snapchat.

Adding your Gmail account to WhatsApp Spy will enable you to keep track of people from your Gmail account as well as any other web or mobile device you possess. This means you can spy on people from Gmail as well as Google Chrome browser, Google Talk, Gmail Webmail and Gmail iOS app, how to check text messages on another phone.

Now launch WhatsApp Spy and click on the settings button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Go to the advanced settings and add an account to WhatsApp Spy.

Click on the add account button and input your email address or mobile number.

Note: You need to input your mobile number and not the number registered on the IMEI, how to check who someone is texting. This is to prevent misuse.

Please note that after adding the Gmail account, the main menu of the WhatsApp spy app does not show the option to add the accounts for other email or phone numbers, how to check wife’s facebook messenger.

4. Now you need to add your WhatsApp account name, password and select if you wish to keep a record or not, how to check spy apps in android0.

5. Now if you don’t want to record everything happening on your phone then go to the advanced settings to the final button and set the record to not to save your data, how to check spy apps in android1. This will ensure that you don’t record any information.

6, how to check spy apps in android2. Enter your Gmail account on the textfield and hit enter.

7, how to check spy apps in android3. Once you are in the window that says “Get the list of messages in the selected folder”, tap on the button at the bottom labeled “Select the Messages”, followed by text field.

Here enter your message into the box and hit the save button, how to check spy apps in android4.

8. You may notice that some apps or files from your computer show up in the window, how to check spy apps in android5. This is because they were sent via WhatsApp, how to check spy apps in android6.


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