Koozies carry out an important perform, and so they carry out it well: they keep your drink cold. Like the styrofoam cups of yore that are now taking tens of millions of years to decompose in landfills, these bizarre artificial things have magical abilities to keep your drink chilly as heck for hours on end.

An actual scientific study from the University of Washington that proves the efficacy of the koozie. First, researchers discovered that relative humidity factors more into to the heating up of a cold beverage than total temperature: Humidity contributes to latent heat that’s produced when condensation types on the outside of a can. Koozies, they found, keep a drink cold not only because they insulate it from heat, but in addition because they stop moisture (and thus latent heat) from gathering on the outside of the can.

What’s that? You’re not as passionate about cold drinks as I’m? You should still need to spend money on koozies anyway. Because the beauty of the koozie is that while it keeps your drink cold, it also keeps your hands warm.

This is partially because they’re genuinely kind individuals who care about you, your well-being, and the supreme chill of your drink. But it’s even because they’re meticulous house keepers who’ve a deathly fear of drink rings on their stylish furniture.

Which is another benefit of koozies: they’re like a coaster which you can carry round with you. You do not have to trust your mates to pull one from the stack in your coffee table when they’re at your house.

Anyone who has ever had beer, or perhaps a soda for that matter, knows what considered one of these is — it’s something to keep your drink can or bottle cold.

It basically works as an insulator to keep your beverage cold. Plus, it prevents the can or bottle from sweating your readily available (and slipping out of it).

And if you happen to’re not imagined to be drinking the beer, then it also disguises what you’re drinking since it hides your complete bottle or can from visbility.

You could be shocked to know this, but yes, Koozie is trademarked!

This implies that no one except the trademark owner can legally use the word. In fact, an Etsy seller was accused of trademark infringement by the Koozie trademark owner.

So, whole Koozie is a popular and really frequent thing to call them, the reality is that the term is trademarked.

Can we nonetheless call them koozies? Sure, as long as we’re not attempting to sell a product using the Koozie model name.

Can I Call It A Beer Cozy? Or A Beer Koozie?

Yes, you may call it whatever you need – assuming that you just’re not trying to sell a product.

Keep in mind, the time period Koozie is trademarked so you can not use it to sell a product.

However in case you’re just talking with individuals about one of these, then knock your self out. Call it whatever you want.

Do I Spell Koozie, Coozie, Or Cozy?

The reality is that you could spell it however the hell you need to spell it, friend.

But, when you just wish to know how to spell the term that’s trademarked, then this is the way you spell it: Koozie.

However in the event you’re texting, writing a weblog submit, or perhaps even writing a book, then you may spell it nevertheless you see fit.

Plenty of variations in the spelling are accepted by most people.

Who Invented The Koozie And Owns The Trademark?

The primary individual to ever file a patent for one among these drink coolers was Bonnie McGough.

You can view the insulated beverage cozy patent here.

The current trademark owner of the model is Scribe Opco Inc.

Final Word

So long as you don’t try to sell a product with the name Koozie, you may call this thing no matter you want.

Personally, I’m partial to drink cozy, however that’s just what my family has always called these things.

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