I believe you have been waiting for a long time.

This is our surprise project-

is it feasible to play games with three Sony 8K TVs on a three-screen 8K?

Can this experiment be successful?

To be honest, the

situation is a bit complicated, and the

result is a bit unexpected.

I’ll start from the beginning and tell you slowly.

Probably in mid-September,

I just received 3090. At

that time I started to conceive this one more thing

because we were the earliest three years ago. I tried three-screen 4K when I did the 1080Ti evaluation.

At that time, no one dared to do this.

We were the first to do it

and it really ran

quite smoothly.

So I think

it’s been three years since the

graphics card performance should have improved quite a bit.

Isn’t it time to escalate this challenge?

So I went to Uncle Tony and borrowed a set of the world’s most powerful platform

64 core 3990X with dual 3090SLI

CPU overclocking 4.3

graphics card overclocking 2.1.

This platform is so scary that we used an EVGA 2000W power supply to bring it.

The power supply even needs to use the dedicated 16A interface for the air conditioner.

In fact, in terms of game performance, it

may be better to use a consumer platform,

but the bridge made by NV is so wide,

there are very strict restrictions on the slot interval

, and the TR platform can be used for two cards. With 16 times the bandwidth,

we still chose this plan

. Once we have a platform, we will choose TV.

At the beginning, I planned to buy a TV by myself to challenge.

By the way, I also went to Sony’s classmates and asked if it is possible to borrow a few 8K TVs.

I didn’t report anything,

but I didn’t expect that Sony actually agreed to

lend us two 75-inch Z8Hs very generously, and

I bought the remaining one by myself.

Wow, it’s a lot easier to finalize this matter, which is

equal to us on the hardware. It’s ready,

but it will take some time for the three TVs to be transported. When I

first got this platform,

Sony’s TVs weren’t there yet,

so let’s test this platform

for a proof-of-concept. If the

screen, I asked ROG for three. The XG27UQ

4K144 monitor

also happens to see if the current PC can achieve a three-screen 4K144.

As a result, I

found a big problem when I first tried it.

NV issued such a statement

telling the 30-series graphics card to cancel the SLI configuration file in the driver.

Now it must be brought with the game. The configuration file can support SLI.

That is to say, only a few games can use dual cards,

and future games will basically no longer support dual cards.

This is disgusting. It

means that I have one of the two cards and it’s

too embarrassing.

Among the few supported games, the

only one worth playing is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

This game still supports 30 series

SLI. Let’s try it and see

if the resolution is 11520×2160. The image

quality is high. It

seems that

you can see the

two graphics cards now. The occupancy rate is very high

and you can see that

it is running in the AFR mode,

that is, the dual card successfully

ran a Benchmark with

an average of 93 frames

as a comparison. We also ran the results of a single card. The

two gaps are still quite large. It

is indeed better than a single card. It’s a lot

faster. When playing, I can feel that it

is still much smoother than 60 frames.

This three-screen high-brush feels really good.

Unfortunately, 144 is still not able to run.

In fact, this game supports DLSS

to further improve performance,

but DLSS does not seem to be. I can’t use it at such a wide resolution.

I think if we can DLSS,

maybe we will be able to achieve 144 in high quality. It’s a


that this game can show everyone dual cards.


we can only single card over 2.1G.

Let’s try some other games.

Forza Motorsport Horizon 4,

we tried the

resolution or 11520×2160. The image


is almost 100 frames high. I

didn’t expect this. The performance of a single card is almost the same as the performance of the dual card of Tomb Raider. Should we

say that this game is well optimized?

Recall the performance of our two 1080Ti running Horizon 3 that year.

In fact, this single card 3090 has exceeded my expectations.

Let’s try Doom again. It’s

not easy to play Doom on three screens

because it does not natively support such a wide screen

. The picture is stretched,

but we can use a tool

called Flawless Widescreen

to manually correct its length through a plug-in. As

you can see, the

picture is now more normal

. The resolution of 11520×2160.

High quality

Doom can basically run to about 90 frames and

occasionally can upload 100 frames.

Considering that we only used a 3090,

this optimization is indeed very


Look at this. The three 144 screens are indeed silky smooth,

even because this is an FPS game,

so my perception of high brushes is more obvious than the two games just now.



I already know what the performance of this platform is. The

three-screen 4K144 is still It’s a bit difficult,

mainly because I can’t use dual cards.

This actually makes me a little worried about

what to do when I reach 8K.

Now that everything is ready, I

will wait for the Sony TV to


After more than a month of long waiting,

we finally got three. Three 8K TVs,

three Sony 75 Z8H,

these three TVs we can move into the office with a lot of effort,

we have arranged them in order,

so next is the moment to witness the miracle.

Can a three-screen 8K work?

Let’s try it.

Actually, I used two Strix for the graphics card for a reason,

because ASUS and Gigabyte are the only two manufacturers that provide two HDMI ports on the

3090. Ideally,

I should be able to use three with dual cards. The HDMI 2.1 interface realizes the output results of three 8K TVs,

and it hits my face in reality and ruthlessly.

Practice has proved that the

N card does not support cross-graphics output. Surround ring screen

means that if you want to group Surround triple screens,

you must output video signals from the same graphics card.

This is very embarrassing

because a graphics card only has two HDMI ports,

which means that there is a screen that we need to switch from DP.

So with the help of our audience,

I found this DP1.4 to HDMI2.1 adapter.

It can Output 8K30 frame signal,

hope it will work,

let’s try it. Oh,

two HDMI+one DP adapters.

Can this three screen work

? How can I plug it in and it’s black? It’s

not right. Restart…

This is obviously a problem.

Two Can’t HDMI be used at the same time?

If you don’t want to try the DP adapter,

this will also black out…

I found that as long as you plug in two 8K TVs,

no matter which interface you connect to, it will work with

two HDMI


as long as you connect two 8K TVs

At the beginning of the automatic restart, I didn’t understand what was going on at all,

but by chance

we took a picture that it was actually not a black screen

but a blue screen.

This blue screen error code points to the NV driver…

It’s very embarrassing,

so I probably understand If a

single N card is

inserted into multiple 8K TVs,

it will definitely have a blue screen.

We inadvertently found a bug for NV. It is

estimated that when their engineers do quality inspections, they will not expect that

someone will pick up two 8K TVs.

Since this trick does not work,

we have to find another way.

So let me sort out my ideas first.

If you want to set up a triple screen,

you must output a

single card, but a single card can’t output three screens.

Isn’t it an endless loop?


we can not group the triple screen.

What is the purpose of our triple screen?

Just to run the game in full screen.

If I run it in a window,

don’t I need to use Surround?

But since a graphics card can only be plugged into one screen,

then we must use three graphics cards to achieve the goal.


for this experiment,

we plugged in three 3090s and

put them in a very strange posture.

Now this computer should be nothing. The question is that the computer with the strongest computing power in a radius of ten kilometers.

Look at

our device manager and recognize three 3090s. It’s

really exciting.

Then we output a TV for each graphics card.

Can this be successful?

Come one by one.

First, the screen on the left

looks okay,

then click on the one on the right… It’s

a bit slow, it

lights up, it lights up

all three 8K TVs, and

now this computer really achieves a three-screen 8K output,

but It’s a pity that it’s not a triple screen

game that doesn’t recognize such a wide resolution.

We can only find a way to run the game through windowed mode.

The first thing to try is Crysis 3.

This game has been released for almost 10 years,

but it’s released. Today its picture quality is still very good,

so let’s try it.

Since there is no triple screen

, the highest resolution the game recognizes now is 8K.

You can’t adjust it up in the game,

so we can only adjust it by modifying the configuration file. Resolution: What is the resolution of

our three-screen 8K resolution…

23040×4320, right? It

‘s a very high resolution,

and then let’s try it in window mode

… Whoops, the

game just flashed back, it’s

not right,

is there something wrong with the operation?

After some tossing,

we found that the maximum horizontal resolution allowed by the Windows system is only 16384.

The resolution of more than 20,000 has exceeded the limit of Windows,

so we have no way to run the game,

so we can only limit the resolution to 16384×4320.

I can actually enter the game…


we have now entered Crysis 3 smoothly.

After our training,

he can indeed run the game across three screens.

In order to fit our very pheasant solution,

I made some adjustments to the desktop.

It uses a black background and a black window.

One is to reduce the zoom

so that the screen ratio of the game is as large as possible,

including hiding the task bar.

These are all to reduce the impact of the windowing operation and make

it as comfortable as possible on the senses.

Let’s see. See what level he can reach.

To tell the truth, this main menu is a bit stuck

. The number of frames in the menu is only 8 frames

. The resolution is obviously very stuck.

In fact, it is not displayed correctly.

In fact, our screen has been expanded to three screens. The

actual resolution has reached 16384×4320. The image


is a medium image quality + highest material.

This can slightly reduce the burden on the graphics card and

maximize the 8K high resolution

. The clear material it brings

can see if it can run. Move it,

oops… No, no, no, no,

look at the

single-digit frame number of this frame number.

Now there are only 7 frames of the

card flying. It

can’t be played at all. The

animation surface is really shocking.

3 screens such a wide resolution. Play the game. It looks real It’s very comfortable,

but it doesn’t mean that the pressure is a bit too big…

Shall we adjust the GPUZ to take a look

? Wait a

minute, that’s weird.

You see

, the GPU is actually not full,

it’s just over 70%

. What’s the situation with a lot of resources left


The situation you are seeing now

wastes a lot of our time to find the problem and

finally leads to two reasons.

One is that the window mode of Windows itself will lose performance at such a high resolution. The

other is this window mode across graphics cards. It may take up a lot of PCI-E bandwidth, which is

equivalent to constantly exchanging 8K60 frame images between the graphics card and the graphics card.

This is almost a

waste of waste of resources.

Even the full speed PCI-E 4.0 cannot withstand such a toss.

So even though we have already At this point, I

have really done it,

but I am not satisfied with the final effect. The

single-digit frame rate is really not playable.

We still have a lot of performance that has not been played.

It is a pity that


today our challenge appears. A slight turnaround

because AMD sent me a new graphics card,

this is RX6800XT,

etc. It hasn’t been released yet!

Anyway, when they saw this video, they published it a long time ago


This card is AMD’s new high-end graphics card.

Before our three-screen 8K was made on the N card, there were

a lot of problems.

The A card

is because there was no A card that could run this thing.

What was the strongest before? Radium 7 is

a mentally handicapped thing and

now has a 6800XT.

Maybe he doesn’t have an N card. Those problems?

Let’s try it and see and we will find out


Put it on and light it up.

This graphics card I’m now connected to an HDMI cable.

It’s HDMI2.1 that supports 8K60 output.



There’s no

single screen. It’s definitely able to reach 8K.

But the more difficult thing is to

click the other two screens.

Connect this adapter to

it. There is no black screen.

This is a good omen that is different from

the N card. No black screen is


Two screens are on. Single card.

Now don’t be anxious to call

and click on the third one.

I plug

it in. Is there a signal?

Come on! A card

lights up 3 screens and 8K.

A single card A lights up 3 screens. 8K

. Things that AMD YES N cards can’t do.

8K TV is

not easy,

but as we started to create the triple screen, we

found that it may be too early to be happy.

A card also has a problem

. The maximum resolution of the triple screen cannot reach 8Kx3, which is 24K horizontally.

Our highest resolution can be achieved. It is about 16000×3000

horizontal 16K, which is also very scary,

but strictly speaking, it does not reach the three-screen 8K. It is

a pity,

but at least this solution is more powerful than the N card.

Anyway, I can play the game in full screen and

not so pheasant…

For the best possible Let’s overclock the game performance,

let’s take a look at how the game performs at

a resolution of 16000×3000.

Let’s play Crysis 3.

Such a big AMD logo indicates that we will be very successful.

This platform is a 3A platform.

Why is it impossible to run

AMD yes, eh,

I have noticed a very significant change

that the main menu is obviously smoother than

just now. It is very obvious that the card is stuck in windowed mode.

We can now run to 60 in the main menu. Let’s

take a look at the picture quality in multiple frames. The resolution of

16Kx3K. The

material resolution is very high. We set it to the highest.

After all, 电脑 单机 游戏 推荐 (gaming.eleoem.com) the 8K material is not interesting if the material is less than 8K. The

system specifications are full

. After 31,

it’s okay,

it’s okay

to the point where 30 frames can be played, and

30 frames can be played.

It’s pretty smooth and reasonable.

If you look at it by the standards of the console, it’s actually quite smooth.

Are you a black console?

I said this generation of consoles.

This UI doesn’t seem right.

This armor seems to be stretched,

but our picture is very normal. The picture is

particularly shocking.

After all, when people made the UI, they didn’t take your needs into consideration.

He didn’t expect that I would use 3 screens. 8K is such a terrible setting to play,

it seems like a bit of screen tearing.

I think we should start a vertical synchronization

. Now the problem of screen tearing is much better.

Feel what it feels like to use 3 screen 8K to fight Crysis.

To be honest, the frame is dropped. It’s a bit serious,

movie-level fluency. What do you know?

This actually shows a problem with

Crysis. Even after so many years, it is still a very hardware-intensive game.

26 frames are

a bit reluctant. This is already

26 frames in the case of over-frequency.

Of course we use It’s 6800XT and

not 3090, so

it’s a bit related.

I think this generation of A card is actually more suitable for users of 2K monitors.

This is the ultimate 2K game card.

But the picture of U1S1 is really shocking.

And because our material is 4K,

look at it. The textures are very clear. When

you run through this piece, does

it feel

really comfortable? This is too shocking.

Actually, I want to see

if it can run with the highest performance.

Let’s experience the highest special effects.

Frame 13.

Can you play this brother?

It’s a bit scary.

Is this picture quality better than before?

I actually can’t see it.

Maybe the shadows are a bit darker. It’s

too stuck. It won’t work

anyway. If we adjust the picture quality to medium quality

and don’t turn on anti-aliasing, after all,

this resolution I don’t need to turn on anti-aliasing anymore

. To be honest, I can’t see the obvious difference

is that the shadow is not so dark and the

material above is still the same.

After all, we are all the highest material.


it’s much more comfortable to play.

Although the frame rate is not very high

, it’s okay. Anyway,

it seems that if you want to play Crysis smoothly at such a high resolution, you

still have to turn on the special effects.

High special effects are not possible.

“Three screen 8K” The challenge to Crysis seems to be going well,

so Horizon 4 is definitely not a problem

or the resolution of 16000×3000.

This time we directly open the highest image quality with

such a high resolution and the highest image quality. The

picture is really

so fine

and even like this. The game can still run to more than 30 frames or even close to 40 frames.

Considering that Horizon 4 is still 4K 30 frames on Xbox One X,

I think our performance today is definitely a playable level. I

have to say that the optimization of this game is indeed very

good. A more difficult challenge

. The resolution of Witcher 3 is 16000×3000.

This time we will continue the setting on Crysis,

which is the medium special effects + the highest texture.

Like Crysis,

Witcher 3 is

also time-honored. Not bad

and the configuration requirements are definitely high enough.

Under our setting, I

barely ran to 30 frames. It’s

still playable.

In fact, only after playing on such a clear screen did I find that

the characters and weapon materials of the Witcher 3 are really clear.

For example, when you look at this sword, you can see it

on a 1080P or 2K monitor

and on this one. There are

definitely two feelings.

Plus, the two screens next to it widen the field of view.

My only complaint about this set is that it only has 30 frames,

if it can be 60 frames.

That’s really the most perfect gaming experience in the world.

We can even use these three 8K TVs to play Yuanshen!

Do you know what to say at this time? That

’s great. I bought three 8K TVs just to play Yuanshen.

In the wide resolution of the horizontal 16K triple screen,

we can probably run to more than 30 frames of full special effects.

This level of performance is

more inclined to look at the scenery and take a screenshot.

After all, the field of view will be widened. A lot,

in Liyue Harbor, you can see the panoramic view of the

city at night. The effect of turning on the lights

is still possible.

I found that the

game time of Yuanshen will not be paused in the built-in camera mode,

so we can use this ultra-widescreen What are you doing here?

Time-lapse video!

Let me show you a few effects.

How can I be a videographer? By the way, the

original God’s performance on the N card will actually be better.

It’s a pity that we didn’t challenge the N card before.

If you do, maybe you can run higher.

Wow, with

twists and turns,

we finally succeeded in achieving 8K TV 3. Although the goal of playing games on joint screens is

a little regrettable, the

horizontal resolution of 24K has not been fully realized

, and the dual card 3090 has not been able to be used.

However, I am very satisfied with the results of today’s tossing.

Three 8K TVs are

too cool.

If the N card is repaired in the future Driver

or I got 3 HDMI2.1 interface graphics cards, I

can challenge the real 3 screen 8K again,

but today

I think we have done it well enough.

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See you next time